My Canoe Trip - Wes Darling, Troop 8, Asheville, NC

My Canoe Trip

Loomis BSA, Troop 8, Asheville, NC

My story begins on the dock at Canadian Border outfitters. I am slightly worried because my special filter water bottle broke, but my father soon fixes it and we are on our way. The tow to the border of Canada was long and windy but we live through it.We then had our first taste of a portage. We then paddle through Bayley Bay, the wind not helping and spend our first night on Basswood Lake.

Saturday morning, we talk about how far we would go. Many people in my group wanted to stay,but we decide to go a short distance and set up camp on Shade Lake for 2 nights.

On Sunday, we stay and fish, some of us fished from our canoes. We decided to have lunch and search for petroglyphs. We searched and searched for the mysterious paintings but never found them. We had great pancakes Monday morning and start a new day.

On Monday we canoe 5 miles and camp some where on Silence Lake. When we wake up, everything is soaked from the night's rain.

On Tuesday we canoe a wimpy 4.5 miles because the rain and wind are battering us. We camp on Agnes Lake and we had to move our tent because the wind was so hard.That night, since the stove didn't light, we had an extra lunch as our supper.

On Wednesday, it rains on and off and we paddle a strong 6 mile, we saw Louisa Falls, and conquer both little and big the end of the day the sun is out so we can dry our stuff, and we camp on Sunday lake.

On Thursday the sun shines, though very windy, and we paddle 4.5 miles and camp on Bayley Bay.

On Friday we paddle 2.5 miles and come back to the Border line and wait for our tow.

In conclusion, I had a great trip with Canadian Border Outfitters and an awesome, once in a lifetime adventure.

I hope liked my story. Thank you for making my Canada experience so wonderful.

Wes Darling, Troop 8, Asheville, NC

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