Recent CBO Customer Testimonials

Recent CBO Customer Testimonials

The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen recently to write to us about their experience with CBO.

Just a note to express my satisfaction with the service that was provided for our group on our last trip. It is nice to know that all the details are being taken care of and everyone is working hard to make our trip hassle free. We especially appreciated being towed in a day early with last minute call on the sat phone at 7:00 pm. When Ben arrived on time at Indian Portage we were glad to see him with two Nalgenes with ICE COLD water....without a doubt that was the most memorable part of that day.  We still talk about that ice water. I myself enjoyed being greeted at the dock by Mark with an ice cold twelve pack of Pig's Eye...sooo gooood. You routed us to a beautiful lake with so many fish and crystal clean water and solitude.  This trip shall be rated as one of our best. Thanks again to all of people who worked towards our satisfaction...they were successful.

Mark Auer, Cincinnati

I wanted to drop a quick note to say thank-you for all of your work and effort in helping making our trip a great one. Your staff was helpful and knowledgable and really made evrything go smoothly. We all felt we were treated very well and professionally- 2 guys in our group have done hunting/fishing trips all over the country- including Alaska. We were very happy with our experience.

Bruce Smallwood

Thanks from Crew 805! Thank you for making our trip to BWCA a huge success.  We'll be using CBO on our next trip to Ely!

Gary Purcell, Venturing Crew 805

I wanted to take time and thank everyone for doing their part in making our trip a memorable one. Everyone had a great time. I look forward to working with you guys again. Tell Carl the next time he is in Milwaukee for the Sport Show to give me a call and we can get together for dinner and see some of Milwaukee.

Bill Engelhardt, Mark Frautschy, Jeremy Engelhardt, and Steve Frautschy

Janelle, Mark & Lynn -

I am so very, very glad that we chose you as our outfitters! My family had a terrific time (Lynn, thanks for doing your good-weather dance!) -- the routing was, superb, physically taxing in places, gentle in others, and with excellent mapping -- your help with fishing gear was much appreciated and excellent, far surpassing our technique -- Janelle, you handled all of my zillion emails and phone calls with grace and a helpful spirit. My next goal is to put together a trip back up there with a small group of guys who primarily want to fish (several have heard me speak of the trip and are ready right now!) -- not sure when, but don't be surprised when you hear from me!

Dave Stuntz, for the family


I have tried to call a couple of times to thank you for your hospitality while we were there. I wish you would not have credited me back for the unused canoe rental. I really appreciate you coming to get us out that night. I would feel much better if you would charge me back for your time and the canoe rental. We are trying to find time to make up for the lost trip and still do the trip in late August. We will be in contact soon about these reservations.  Once again, thank you and know that we think you guys are the best.

Paul Darter

Hi Janelle,

I'm not sure if we met or not when we were at your place last week, but I wanted to pass along to Mark, Lynn, Lori, Carl and everyone we met how much we enjoyed our time in your area last week.  You guys were exceptionally hospitable and knowledgeable about what you are doing. Despite the wind and rain, we had some quality paddling time in some of the most beautiful country imaginable.  Jane and I appreciated the time you spent with us and we can't wait to get back to the area again.  I'm really looking forward to coming back in August with my group and it's highly possible that we could come up during the winter for a different type of vacation. You guys run a great operation.  Thanks again for your hospitality.

Tim L. Morgan

I just wanted to say thanks for a great week. I can speak for all 4 of us when I say that everything was perfect for our trip, except maybe the fishing, which was our lack of experience. We will see you next year...

Jim Remmel

Thanks for the quick pics. We all enjoyed our experience with CBO. Your team was especially helpful and kind. Special thanks to Karl, Sarah, Ben, Jason and Lisa.

Jeffrey Connelly, Troop 1350

Mark, Lynn, Janelle and Staff,

Just wanted to send you a note to let you know that all the Scouts and adults commented that they had a great time last week regardless of the weather. You and your staff were great and helped make our trip a success. The bus trip back was alive with stories of bear sightings, missing toilet paper, phone calls back to you store for directions about beaver dams and other discoveries on the water. The rain just adds to the experience. We all had wished there were less rain but that is just the luck of the draw. I know there will be a lot of stories told again tonight at our troop meeting! Thanks again for your help and patience.

Harry Fasching
High Adventure Coordinator, Troop 21

The Nixon party is back in Waukegan, IL. and unpacked. Just wanted to say how much we appreciated your help, regular communication and friendly staff. Even though the weather wasn't as good as we have had in our past trips, we always enjoy ourselves. Since we outfitted our own meals this time, I have a greater appreciation for the effort you give to make your quality menus and cover all the details. Best wishes for a good year.

Summer 2007

As I was leaving CBO this morning (6:35 am), I saw a wolf on the gravel road up to the highway! What a treat after a great trip. I also want to thank everybody at CBO for another fantastic Boundary Waters experience. Keep up the great work! See you next year.

Mark Lawyer

Mark & CBO Gang,

We've been home from our canoe trip about three weeks and I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the trip and give you some feedback - both positive and negative. Some of this, we had already told Carl when we came off the water. All in all we had a great trip - but that had more to do with some pretty good fishing than anything. As usual, the equipment that you provided was great. The only equipment malfunction was the failure to include the water bottles in the outfitting. It made it a little difficult but we managed. There was a small hole in the big water bottle, too, but I understand that you trashed it immediately. As long as we kept it tilted correctly, no big deal. The tents, sleeping bags, etc. all were great - except for the canoe that I wounded. Hopefully you were able to get it repaired without too much of a problem. I really do like the 17' aluminum. For the most part, the meals were adequate. The two exceptions to that were the summer sausage lunch and the granola cereal breakfast. There were four, large guys in our group and that one little summer sausage just didn't quite get it. The one little bag of cereal for our four big guys was skimpy, too. But those were the only complaints that I heard - everything else contributed to a great trip; especially the super-long paddle. I really like a long paddle, but the 66" may even be too long for me. Thanks for all your help and your courtesies while we were there. As always, I could spot your rookie summer-hires and how they weren't sure how to act or react, but that's just part of the charm. They seemed to be a pretty good bunch of kids. One thing I forgot to request for the trip, and it was just an oversight on my part, was a "super-bird" sleeping bag. I have gotten the extra large bag for the past several trips and they were great; are they still available? I might need one next time we come up - preliminary planning would be for May/June of 2013. My compadres will probably not write to you - it's just not their style - but they have each told me what they enjoyed and what they didn't. I hope I've passed it along to you. Thanks again for a job well done - I look forward to staying in contact with you, and I hope you have a great remainder to the '07 canoe season.

John Akery

Steve James and Dog


Thank you so much for the picture! Thanks to my canoe tip-over, my camera isn't able to download the pictures that I took, so as I said this morning, yours is the only one that I have. Sienna is 10 years old and this is a picture that I will frame and treasure forever. Please tell Mark that you guys have a great staff/facility and I can't wait for my return visit August 12 with four of my high school buddies (Bettendorf, Iowa class of 1976). Carl was terrific with everything he handled and the towboats out and back were incredibly smooth. I was kind of dumbfounded when Jason portaged my canoe and Duluth pack into Splash Lake for me the first day and was shocked again this morning when I showed up at 9:20 a.m. for a 10:00 a.m. pick-up and your boat was there waiting for me! (I forgot his name, zoology major from ND State-Fargo). Sienna also sends her thanks and says she is looking forward to sleeping in her own bed tonight!

Steve James