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Agnes Entry Point Quetico Park Canoe Trip Route

Lots of options come up with an Agnes Lake entry permit for your Quetico Park canoe trip. There are 7 of these permits available for each day of the season. Of these 7 permits, up to 4 of these parties may basecamp on Basswood Lake or somewhere before they reach Agnes Lake. This is called an Agnes/basecamp permit. A "regular" Agnes Lake permit must travel towards Agnes Lake and enter Agnes by the second day of the trip.

The "regular" Agnes permit leaves our Moose Lake Base (vis towboat if you prefer) and clears through the Ranger station at Prairie Portage. From here, you'll paddle across Inlet and Bailey Bays of Basswood Lake, to an 84 rod portage into Burke Lake. head east across Burke lake to "Singing Brook Portage", just a short pull over. You are now in Sunday Lake. Great fishing for all species of fish so you may wish to "hang out" for a while! Your next day will have a couple of challenging portages, we refer to them as "Big Agony" and "Little Agony". Exit Sunday Lake with a 193 rod portage leading to Meadows Lake. Take a break here and try your luck with the feisty largemouth bass found here. After you've fished for a while and forgot how much your shoulders hurt, get ready for the 143 rod trek from Meadows into Agnes Lake. Just a short paddle north on Agnes will lead you to Louisa Falls. You'll hear the roar of the falls from quite a distance. Get your camera ready. You'll find several nice campsites in this area.

Here is where the route options open up for you. head northeast from this area near Louisa Falls into Louisa Lake (80 rods up) and continue northeast into Fauquier, Edge, Turn....McEwen Lake, south through the "Falls Chain" or north towards Kawnipi. Plan on 7-10 days for these routes but don't plan on seeing too many people!

You may choose to head north on Agnes Lake, especially if you have a wind out of the south! Enter Kawnipi and join the loop mentioned above or head west when you reach Reid Lake and begin a loop through lakes such as Woodside, Trant, Kahshahpiwi and south from here. Cut the loop shorter by heading west when you reach the "S" chain of lakes. Silence, Sultry, Summer, Noon, Shade, and south from here. Even shorter, travel west out of Agnes Lake when you reach East Lake, Jeff, West, South, North Bay, and south from here. So many options!

If you're holding an Agnes Basecamp permit, a great fishing basecamp is on North Bay of Basswood. Areas around Neil Island and White Island make great camps, too. Ranger Bay is a popular spot for the fishermen as is Sunday Lake. Towboat service at the beginning and end of your canoetrip can save you lots of time and energy. You can be at your Agnes Basecamp in just a few hours using this fast shuttle service. We can also drop and pick up at Washington Island of Basswood Lake and Back Bay. View Map 1 View Map 2

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