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Carp Entry Point Quetico Park Canoe Trip Route

If Carp Lake is your preferred Quetico Park canoe trip desinaion, understand that there are only two Carp Lake entry permits issued per day. This means that 2 groups of up to 9 people each may enter through Carp Lake each day during the summer months. If you're holding one of these permits, consider yourself very lucky.

After towboat service to the Ranger station at Prairie Portage, you'll begin your trip with a paddle across Birch Lake. A short 40 rod portage leads you right into Carp Lake! How easy! This is a great basecamp location. From camp on Carp Lake, you can access Sheridan Lake, Emerald Lake, the "Mammal Chain" of Beaver, Fisher and Martin, Crawford and the "Man Chain". You'll have great luck with walleye, smallmouth, northern pike and lake trout.

You may also choose to move camp a few times in this general area. A night or two on Carp, a night or two on Emerald or Plough and so on.

A trip using the Carp Lake entry permit will usually lead you into the "Man Chain" of lakes. head north from Carp into Sheridan Lake (15 rods), then enter the "Man Chain" through That Man (136 rods), No Man (101 rods), This Man (60 rods), Other Man (49 rods), and continuing into Bell, Fran, Slate, Lily Pad, Jasper... back onto the Canadian side of Knife Lake. Follow the US/Canadian border through Knife Lake and enter back into Plough Lake or return to Birch Lake for a towboat pick up on the last day of your trip. View Map 1 View Map 2

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