Canoe Trip Routes

Mudro Lake to Nina Moose River BWCA Canoe Trip Route

This BWCA canoe trip will begin with van transportation from our base to either the Mudro Lake access or Moose River landing. We'll start this example at the Mudro Landing. We start with a short portage into Mudro Lake and exit out of the east end of the lake into Sandpit lake (80 rods). {You may also travel directly into Fourtown Lake (nice basecamp area) with a 140 rod portage and another short 10 rod hop. I'd suggest this direct route into Fourtown Lake if you plan to spend your time in a basecamp around Horse and Fourtown Lakes or if you plan to travel into the chain of lakes west of Fourtown starting with Boot, Fairy, Gun and so on.} After reaching Sandpit Lake, you'll join the 160 rod portage coming up from the Range River, making this about a 70 rod trek into Tin Can Mike Lake. At the north end of Tin Can Mike, you'll make a 90 rod portage into Horse Lake. Exit Horse Lake via the Horse River.

Depending on beaver activity and water levels, you'll have 5-6 portages or pullovers along the river. Lots of wildlife and waterfowl along this river. The Horse River meets the Basswood River at Lower Basswood Falls. You'll make a 33 rod portage on the Canadian side of the river, your last portage for a while. You'll now travel along the Basswood River, directly into Crooked Lake, passing Indian Pictographs, table Rock Campsite and plenty of great scenery. Crooked Lake holds fantastic fishing for walleye, northern and smallmouth. If fishing is on your list of activities, you may wish to spend a few nights here. At the far west end of Crooked Lake, you'll see majestic Curtain Falls with a 140 rod portage around it leading to Iron Lake. Exit Iron Lake via an 80 rod portage into Lac LaCroix. From here, either paddle around Tiger Bay directly into Boulder Bay or make a 75 rod portage into Boulder Bay. Skip most of the Boulder River using a 65 and 24 rod portage into Lake Agnes. head south into Nina Moose Lake and then through the Moose River to our waiting van. You'll end your trip with a 1/2 mile portage to the parking area. Many of our guests will make this route in 5 days. We'd like to suggest 6 or 7 days to give you relaxing and fishing time along the way. View Map 1 View Map 2

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