Canoe Trip Routes

Moose Lake to Snowbank Lake BWCA Canoe Trip Route

This nice 3 day loop is great for a first time BWCA canoe trip. If you have more than three days, just give yourself a few layover days or spend some time hiking along the Snowbank or Kekakabic trails in this area. We can offer you towboat service to your first portage, dropping you at Splash Lake. From here, you'll take a 35 rod portage into Splash Lake and then a short pull-over into Ensign Lake. Camp here your first night. Fish for walleye, northern, smallmouth and panfish. If you'd like to put a bit more energy into your first day and probably see fewer people, take the extra time and portage off of Ensign Lake into Vera Lake (180 rods) or Trident Lake (100 rods). On day two, travel out of the east end of Ensign with a 55 rod portage into Ashigan Lake (stop for bass fishing if you like!), 105 rods to Gibson Lake, 25 rods to Cattyman Lake (stop for a cool shower in the falls), 10 rods to Adventure Lake, 40 rods to Jitterbug, 15 rods to Ashub (nice campsites here if you'd like to stop for the day), and finally an easy 25 rods into Disappointment Lake. Here you'll find smallmouth, walleye and northern pike. There are a couple of really nice island sites on this lake. Scenic highlight of the area is Disappointment Mountain which you'll see from several points along your route. These beautiful hills look especially brilliant during the Fall season.

On your last day, travel Disappointment Lake and make one portage of 140 rods into Snowbank Lake. Our van will be waiting for you at the landing on Snowbank Lake for your ride back to our base. This route may be shortened by traveling west from Gibson Lake into Swing, Abinodji, Haven, Boot and Snowbank Lakes. If you like hiking the portages, you may want to make the 220 rod portage directly from Ensign Lake into Boot Lake. This can also be a very nice walk if you have some layover time on your route. It's a great way to spot wildlife, observe birds, pick berries and examine some of the beautiful plants of the area. These routes can also be done in reverse, starting at Snowbank and ending at Moose Lake. View Map

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