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Quetico Park Fly-In Canoe Trip Routes - Beaverhouse Fly-In Trips

The Beaverhouse fly-in canoe trips are all on the Canadian side of the border. For a short trip using a basecamp, we suggest camping in Jean or Quetico Lakes. A short 24 rod portage from Beaverhouse Lake and you're in Quetico Lake. The north shore of the lake has many Indian Pictograph sites. Fishing is excellent for all species of fish. You have many, many miles of shoreline just on Quetico Lake, plus day trips into several surrounding lakes.

A couple of short portages will take you to Jean Lake, another larger lake with miles and miles of shoreline, reefs, islands and bays. All species of fish and plenty of day trips from a central basecamp.

Give yourself 8 or more days for a traveling trip from Beaverhouse Lake. These routes are numerous and can take you through the heart of the Quetico Park. From Jean Lake you may choose to head south into Sturgeon via several small lakes such as Burntside and Rouge. The portages aren't too long in this section of the route but expect to have several portages over 250 rods to complete the trek. See other route descriptions for info about areas south of Sturgeon and Poohbah.

Another option for a deluxe fly-in trip is to fly in to Beaverhouse and fly out of LaCroix. You'll get the best of both areas! You'll travel through Quetico, Jean, Sturgeon, Maligne River, Minn, and McAree. To allow for fishing time, have at least 7 days for the trip, lots of film and a well stocked tackle box. View Map 1 View Map 2

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