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Quetico Park Fly-In Canoe Trip Routes - LaCroix Fly-In Trips

This trip can be either a US (BWCA) or Canadian (Quetico Park) canoe trip. If you plan to paddle out from the fly-in, give yourself a 5 day minimum. If you have less time, plan to fly-in and fly-out. We'll arrange for float plane service to LaCroix. From here, we'll have a boat ready to take you to the area of LaCroix closest to your first portage.

For a BWCA canoe trip, may we suggest following the US/Canadian border right back to Moose Lake! We can shorten your paddle by picking you up with our towboats at either Back Bay, Washington Island or Prairie Portage. You'll see awesome scenery, falls, cliffs, pictographs, and fishing for all species of fish. You'll exit LaCroix at the far east end of the lake, at Bottle Portage. This 80 rod portage takes you to Iron Lake. Paddle to the north end of Iron Lake just to see Rebecca Falls. Continue to the east end of the lake and visit spectacular Curtain Falls. A 140 rod portage will take you around the falls and onto Crooked Lake. See previous trip descriptions for info about return trips from Crooked Lake. Give yourself 5-7 days for this trip.

To shorten the US trip from LaCroix, head south right out of Lac LaCroix through Boulder Bay, Lake Agnes, Nina Moose Lake.... See Mudro to Moose River trip description for more info on a return from Boulder Bay. The route may also exit the park at the Mudro Lake entry point or Fall Lake.

Canadian return trips from LaCroix include the permit options of McAree Lake, Bottle Lake and Maligne River. A drop off at Brewer Rapids leaves you a short portage (32 rods) from McAree Lake. This makes a nice basecamp area if you plan to fly-out from LaCroix. If you plan to travel through the Quetico, you'll have a few heafty portages along the way. Northeast from McAree a 220 rod portage is between you and Wicksteed Lake. It's worth the effort. What an enchanting lake with it's many islands. A 45 rod portage from Wicksteed brings you into Darky Lake, a fisherman's paradise. head east into Brent Lake (see Sarah Lake descriptions) or south into Argo Lake. There are a couple of nice Indian Pictographs on the south end of Darky. A 165 rod or a 225 rod portage will lead you back into Crooked Lake.

Another permit option will allow you to enter the Maligne River and travel east into Tanner Lake and either northward towards Sturgeon Lake or more easterly into Poohbah Lake. Make sure you have 8 or more days to complete a route in this direction. You'll be traveling through some least traveled areas of the Quetico Park. Three portages of 200 - 300 rods each will take you from Poohbah to Conmee Lake. Don't plan on passing many other travelers on this route! From Conmee, head to Suzanette, Brent, McIntyre, Sarah. (See the Quetico Park Canoe Trip - Sarah Lake Permit description for more information.).

Traveling east from Sturgeon Lake will take you into Russell Lake. On the east side of Russell is scenic Chatterton Falls. You'll encounter several very nice sets of falls along this route. From Chatterton Lake, a 72 rod portage takes you around Split Rock Falls into Keats Lake. Have a Smoke" portage of 60 rods takes you around Snake Falls on the east end of Keats Lake, leading into Shelly Lake. Several small portages and lakes will now bring you either to Kawnipi Lake (east) or Kahshahpiwi Lake (south). (See the Quetico Park Canoe Trip - Agnes Entry Point and the Quetico Park Canoe Trip - Kahshahpiwi Entry Point pagess for more information on this segment of the route).

The Bottle Portage permit allows you to follow the Canadian Border through Iron, Crooked, Basswood. See the Quetico Park Canoe Trip - Basswood River Entry Point description for information on the route. With a Canadian permit, you will do your camping on the north shore of all border lakes and rivers. View Map 1 View Map 2

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