Canoe Trip Routes

Basswood River Entry Point Quetico Park Canoe Trip Route

Want your Quetico Park canoe trip to start here? Only two permits per day are allowed to travel into the Basswood River area. As with all Prairie Portage entry permits, you must begin your canoe trip by passing through the Ranger station at the eastern end of Basswood Lake. Our towboat service can take you to this point or we can continue onto Basswood Lake and drop you off at Washington Island or Back Bay. Your first portage is about 1 miles taking you around Upper Basswood Falls. You'll want to fish along the river, visit the Indian pictographs and maybe lunch at table Rock campsite. Enter Crooked Lake after a few short portages on the river.

If you veer off of the Basswood River just north of the pictographs, you'll find Moose Bay and a short portage into the Tuck River and Robinson Lake. There are a few nice sand beach campsites on Robinson Lake. Excellent fishing area, too. To make this a loop trip, head east through Tuck Lake. You'll have two short portages between Robinson and Tuck. Another option is to head southeast from Robinson into "no name", Nub, Kett, "no name", and Tuck. Now head to Sarah Lake with short, steep 20 rod portage. See other route descriptions for into on returning from Sarah Lake.

If you head across Crooked Lake from the Basswood River, you may want to visit the beautiful, remote lakes just north of Crooked. head north from Gardner Bay (smallmouth heaven!) and take a 154 rod portage into Elk Lake. Travel due north into Brent Lake, southeast into McIntyre and Sarah. Another option is to head northwest into Argo and Darky Lakes. Return to Crooked through Roland and Middle Roland Lakes. Excellent fishing country. View Map

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