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Sarah Lake Permit Quetico Park Canoe Trip Route

If this is where you'd like to start your Quetico Park canoe trip, know that there are just two travel permits per day issued for the Sarah Lake area. Again, this route begins as the Agnes and Kahshahpiwi Permits with a stop at Prairie Portage, then north into North Bay of Basswood. From North Bay, you'll travel several short, rugged portages through Side Lake and several unnamed lakes. From Side Lake, you'll travel west over a 112 rod portage into Sarah Lake. This aprox. 1/3 mile portage is very steep. You'll find a variety of shoreline on Sarah Lake, from cliffs to sandy beaches. On the north end of Sarah, you'll have a short, steep, 28 rod portage into McIntyre Lake. Beautiful lake with many bays and coves teaming with fish. On the north end of the lake, a seldom used trail leads to Paulette Lake. head east towards Burt, Marj, and Joyce Lakes. You'll have a couple of longer portages in here, one of 1/2 mile and another of 2/3 miles. You'll now have entered Kahshahpiwi Lake. Complete the loop out of the south end of Kahshahpiwi to Side Lake, Isabella, and into North Bay. See other Canadian routes to complete the loop back to Moose Lake.

Another route option once you have reached Sarah Lake, is to head further west through Tuck and Robinson Lakes and into the Basswood River. Another option is to head west from McIntyre Lake through Brent, Darky, Argo and so on. You will be getting into the 7-10 day loops as you head further west. View Map 1 View Map 2

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