Canoe Trip Routes

Moose Lake to Lake One BWCA Canoe Trip Route

This beautiful BWCA route can be done in 5-7 days covering a total of 19 portages. Portages are easy to moderate with the longest being a fairly level trek of 180 rods. Towboat service can save you at least 3 hours or more or paddling time by dropping you off at the Splash Lake portage. Many of the lakes offer smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike and panfish. The deeper waters of Ima and Thomas offer lake trout as well as walleye and pike.

Camp your first night on Ensign Lake after making one easy 35 rod portage. Get used to your equipment, canoe and spend some time honing up on your fishing skills. On day two, you may choose to travel through Ashigan, Gibson, Cattyman, Jordan and end on Ima Lake. This second day you'll travel 5 portages of 55, 105, 25, 55 and 5 rods. Day three, paddle Hatchet Lake and stop in Thomas Lake for the night. You'll have covered several small portages on this day, the longest being 60 rods. Walleye, northern and smallmouth are in most of these waters, with Ima and Thomas also having lake trout. A short trek on day four takes you through Kiana Lake and into Insula Lake for a night or two. Work through the maze of islands on beautiful Insula Lake and try your luck for walleyes. On the north end of Insula Lake you'll have the longest portage of the trip, a 180 rod hike. Day five travel into Hudson Lake and enter the Lake One chain. You'll have short portages in this area; you're in moose country now. Walleye and northern pike abound. Make camp in this chain of lakes at your own pace. You'll find more solitude if you portage off of the main route, into Bridge or the Wilder Lakes as an example. On your last day, our van will meet you at the Lake One Landing for your ride back to our base. This route can also be done in reverse; start at Lake One and end at Moose Lake. We can meet you with our tow boat at the Splash Lake portage on the last day of your trip. View Map

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