Quetico Park Permit and RABC Information

Quetico Park Permit and RABC CANPASS Information

QUETICO PARK PERMIT COSTS* (all fees are in Canadian funds): The reservation fee for each Quetico permit is $11.50. In addition, Quetico charges a per night usage fee of $21.50 per adult and $9.00 for youth under 18 - plus tax. In addition to your permit reservation fee of $11.50, Quetico will also collect a $100 deposit towards your usage fees at the time of reservation. Persons entering Quetico must get their customs/immigration clearance in advance by mail, known as a Remote Area Border Crossing (RABC-CanPass) Permit. The fee is $30 per adult or per family (including dependents under age 22). We have all the forms available and will mail them with your reservation confirmation. The RABC application must be done well in advance of your trip - at least 30 days - to ensure having written approval before your canoe trip. Parties returning from Quetico will need a valid passport to re-enter the USA. Read more about the latest border crossing procedures.

Each person listed on the RABC application must have a certified birth certificate and a second form of identification. Youth may use their social security number, school identification cards, or report cards, if a driver's license is not available. Individuals over 18 years of age joining youth or scouting organizations, or visiting as part of an extended family or fishing group, will need to apply on a separate application.

Any individuals with DUI or DWI's on a police record should list this under the felony section of the RABC application. Although these are considered misdemeanors in the US, they are considered felonies in Canada. Each application receives a thorough background check, and if this is not listed on the application, the individual may be denied. The Canadian government reserves the right to deny entry to any individual with the equivalent of a Canadian felony on their police record, no matter how long ago the infraction occurred. Detailed information can be found on the Canada Border Services Agency web site.

How to get an RABC CANPASS Application

The easiest way to get an RABC application is to click on the Application link below. The application is in .pdf format, and requires the Adobe Reader plug-in. If the Acrobat Reader opens up then you do not need to download the Reader.

Many browsers already have the Reader as a plug-in, and if yours does, just let it fully load, then print the application pages. If yours doesn't, download the Reader from the Download Acrobat Reader link, install it according to the instructions given by Adobe, then come back and print the RABC application.

1. Download Acrobat Reader to view PDF files if necessary. The RABC application is a PDF file.
2. Then go to: Application for CANPASS -- Remote Area Border Crossing (RABC) Permit.


Multiple reservations in the same name for the same time period are not allowed. Reservations must be made in the name of the person who is arriving to pick up the camping permit. Reservations cannot be assigned from one person to another person. In the Quetico, the party leader name and second contact name cannot be changed.

When you cancel or change an interior reservation a cancellation percentage will apply, based on how long your reservation has been held. The penalty equals the % of cost of nights not used, based on when you cancel or change your reservation. Here is the grid explaining the penalty assessed:

How long has your reservation been held from the time of booking?
1 month or less 10% No Show
1 night + 10% of cancelled nights
Please note:
A reservation cannot be changed or cancelled more than four(4) months in advance of your arrival date.
Greater than 1 month, up to 2 months 20% No Show
1 night + 20% of cancelled nights
Greater than 2 months, up to 3 months 30% No Show
1 night + 30% of cancelled nights
Greater than 3 months, up to 4 months 40% No Show
1 night + 40% of cancelled nights
Greater than 4 months 50% No Show
1 night + 50% of cancelled nights

*Quetico Park fees quoted were accurate as of April 25, 2014, but are subject to change without notice.

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