Quetico Park Fly-In Wilderness Canoe Trips

Quetico Park Fly-In Canoe Trips

A bush-plane ride to a remote Quetico Park entry point will really add some excitement to your next canoe trip. You'll discover the breath-taking beauty of canoe country as you soar over the lakes you'll soon be paddling.

You can explore your way back to our base...experiencing the solitude in the heart of the park without the initial effort of getting there. Or you can plan to stay on some of the most remote lakes in Quetico Park and have the plane come back to pick you up. View our suggested Beaverhouse Quetico fly-in canoe trips and LaCroix Quetico fly-in canoe trips.

Don't forget that you'll need to get your customs clearance in advance by mail, known as a Remote Area Border Crossing pass (RABC). Please also review the latest border crossing procedure requirements.

Call us for information and prices on fly-in rates to:

Mack (Clay) Lake #23
Mack Lake holds some of the best trophy walleye, bass and pike fishing in the area. These permits are available only for fly-in canoe trips. Since float planes are not allowed to land in the park itself you will be dropped off in Clay Lake near the eastern border.

Beaverhouse-Cirrus Lake #31
Beaverhouse-Quetico Lake #32

Beaverhouse is an excellent starting point into Quetico Park. From here you can explore Quetico Lake, Jean Lake, Cirrus Lake, Burntside, Oriana, and the Badwater chain of lakes. Pictographs are found on Beaverhouse, Cirrus, and Quetico Lakes. The Native pictographs tell of the rich history of First Nations people who inhabitted this area 500-1000 years ago.

Batchewaung (Nym) Lake #21
Batchewaung (Nym) is located at the north end of Quetico Park. A popular entry point for those seeking the natural beauty of a pristine chain of waterfalls and for those looking for wildlife pictures. Nym Lake has lake trout, walleye, smallmouth bass, northern and perch.

Lac La Croix-Malign River #42
Lac La Croix-Bottle River #44

Lac La Croix is one of the most scenic lakes in Quetico, and affords you the opportunity to see Curtain Falls, Rebecca Falls, the pictographs on the cliffs at the eastern end of Lac La Croix, and Warrior Hill.

Best of all, we'll help out your budget ... we'll include our Super-Saver rates (25% off our base rate) for "Complete Outfitting Packages" when experiencing a fly-in Quetico Park canoe trip.

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