The Staff 2006 BWCA Canoe Trip - The Ladies Point of View

The Staff 2006 BWCA Canoe Trip - The Ladies Point of View

It all began on a rainy Tuesday morning. Our alarms went off at 6 am so that we could get one last real shower. After getting clean for the wilderness we packed our personal pack and were quite proud of ourselves for packing extremely light so that it all fit in one bag… sleeping bags and all!! We then sat around waiting for the guys to get their act together and put our stuff in the tow boats for our exciting tow to Ensign Lake. We arrived at Ensign, portaged and set off for our destination of Thomas Lake. We three girls decided to step up to the plate and take charge of the three woman canoe!

The first day didn't consist of too much, just lots of portages and a pore down on Ima Lake. We finally arrived at our first campsite slightly damp, but cheery none-the-less. In no time we pitched our tent and got a fire roaring. The group before us was nice and left a pile of wood for us to build a great fire with so Mary could dry off her shoes. The night was pretty much spent around the campfire making steaks, delicious freeze-dry food and the ever so popular s'more! After that it was off to bed…on rocks and when Amanda couldn't take it anymore she woke everyone up for the lovely show that nature was putting on. The lake was like glass and there was a perfect reflection of the stars and the Northern Lights.

The next day everyone was a bit sleepy since the night was shorter than expected. However the weather was perfect for paddling and we set off for our next campsite on Lake Insula. We found that particular campsite to be a prime campsite for swimming as it had a sandy beach, a great jumping rock and a smaller island to explore. Everything a girl needs. The boys made our new home homier by putting up a tarp and a hammock next to the lake. Good job, boys. The rest of that day was spent sleeping, fishing, swimming and taking pictures of people sleeping, fishing and swimming.

Shore lunch - yum!

After a much more restful night…not on rocks, we ventured out on our last and longest stretch that would take us back to CBO! The boys had packed the food pack and sort of forgot about lunch on day three. Yeah. Not cool. So, the first part of the day was just lovely. We passed some falls, the water was pristine, saw divine wildlife and had a very nice time. However, by mid day we were ready for anything edible with 10 miles to go. Our frustrations only mounted when we beached ourselves on a rock and spun in circles trying to free ourselves. At this point we could only laugh as the boys carried on without a clue. Shannon was the hero of the situation and sacrificed herself to get out of the canoe onto the slippery rock and push us free!! It was a good laugh, but a dumb feeling. Once we caught up to the guys there were five miles left and we were a bit on edge. On the final lake, Carl told us that the river made a Z, three bends, and then we were there. Five Zs later we no longer trusted Carl and were at the brink of tears. There was some crazy laughter and our feelings came to a culmination when we finally saw our final destination and who was there?.... our boss… with a camera. At that point we seriously considered going back. But we put on a brave face, put on a smile for the camera and finally got out of that darn canoe! We made it!! There was nothing that could replace the feeling of how we felt when we arrived. We had canoed a lot more than anyone should on an empty stomach and still had the time of our lives.

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